Smart OMS System

On the basis of our many years of experience in measurement and transmission of data, in 2010 we expanded our range with the Smart OMS system, i.e. a set of telemetric solutions intended for district heating networks.

The structure and nature of activity of companies of the heating industry posed a significant challenge to us. An extensive heating network is the most complex measurement system of all the systems used by providers of municipal utilities. It is necessary to measure the consumption of heating energy, water, electrical energy as well as to measure temperature and pressure, and to easily control automation devices. We found this industry to be essential for the development of our products. We created electronics which work with the measurement devices of many manufacturers.

Elements of the Smart OMS system

1. MINI module

Reading electronics based on GSM technology with own battery power.

2. PLUS module

Multi-task electronics used for two-way communication with any external device with known communication protocol.

3. Servers

Communication, database and file-sharing server.

4. Smart OMS client application

User interface with a multi-module structure with a versioning system and granting data access rights. It contains such modules as: Meter reading service module, Heating centre service and control module, Maintenance, GIS, Analysis and report module.
The Smart OMS system is constantly being developed with the active participation of our clients, consequently, its functionality is regularly improving.