3SAT System

Each location system is based on position recording. The systems simultaneously record other parameters than geographic position and they are applied in almost every company with a vehicle fleet. Depending on specific features of a client’s business, only the number of recorded parameters and methods of obtained data analysis are changed.

We have been operating in the vehicle fleet location and monitoring industry since 2003. On the basis of acquired experience, we have developed three areas of operation in which positioning is the primary function.

1. Vehicle fleets

Following recent developments, our fleet management systems were extended with mobile solutions such as tablets and a system of wireless sensors, improving the functionality of the systems and streamlining their operation. Devices enable monitoring of any number of vehicle parameters. We adapt our solutions to the individual needs and specific features of our client’s business. From a simple version focused on analysis of position, route and fuel consumption to a system enabling full communication with a driver and transmission of transport document scans and driver card contents.

2. Pocket locator

As a consequence of the miniaturisation of electronics and decreasing energy consumption by location devices, GPS technology is increasingly used for location of people, animals or machines – in all places where a device has to work for long periods of time without being charged up. The devices developed by us allow such systems to be constructed. We predict that the mini-locator industry will vastly grow in upcoming years. We offer you these solutions today and encourage you to develop mini-location systems together with us.

3. Location in enclosed areas

Until recently, the development of a location system which works inside buildings, underground and in all places where GPS system fail was a substantial challenge. Due to technological progress and the new capabilities of electronic components, it became possible to develop a positioning system without GPS limitations. We implement this system with our technological partners for selected clients.